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Darrin Hunt


Bend The Bar Transform your body Fitness/strength coach [email protected] Bendthebarpt.com.au

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Had a few injuries but a nice 196kg for 2 easy reps.
You never know unless you try. 270kg sled tow, sometimes you are just not strong enough yet, other times your damn shoes just slide on the concrete. Time to buy mountain climbing shoes,  I've been told they steal great for  this.
How bad do you want it? Are you willing to train every week, month and year. Stick to meal plans. Think of solutions instead of excuses. Then if that's the case, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
There is no best program. Everyone will respond differently to training stimulus. There are smart programs designed for you and your goals and then there are crap programs. I know what program I would do.
Dosen't matter how strong your body is if your mind is weak than you will always fail. Train your mind as well as your body. Never be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself in a negative place mentally, sometimes we all need help.
Another beautiful morning over here at House Of Power.
Finishing of the workout with 100kg sled drags. Took alot out of me but didn't give up.
What I think about 6 and 12 week challenges. Fitness is a lifestyle choice that takes time anything you gain in that short time you will lose just as fast.
Good job to Murray who did a 220kg sled tow today. That's the same as me, think I need to add another 40kg to mine 🙂
220kg sled tow up the driveway and back.
So you are a beginner or looking to get back onto the gym. You are looking for help with a trainer what do you look for. If they are to busy trying to sell you instead of asking you what you want and listening to what you say. Don't use them. If you haven't seen results in 4 weeks, that could be anything from increasing lean muscle mass, loss of body fat% or increase in weights lifted than walk away you are wasting your money.
220kg sled push 25m. Bad camera work but last set and wasn't going again.
Keep at it and you will improve. Stop or make an excuse to not do it and you won't get anywhere.
92kg each hand farmers walk.
200kg sled push up the incline, then back down. New sled so that means more weight.
Have the strength to fight for what you believe in for those that try and pull you down are not worth your time.
Eat healthy, train smart, live a good life.
Just some fun from last Saturday.