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Baile! Cafe


Modern Latin Fusion Dance Team #Bailecafe #sva #kidzofbaile Choreographer/Coach: Damaris Vazquez [email protected]

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Get ready Baile!!!! Get ready and get excited and get warmed up! It'll be a year to remember!!! @soundview_academy @bailecafe_sva
Present! Leaders in the making! On with change! #weday #wemovement
Year 6!!! Congratulations Kidz of Baile, 2019/20 edition! It's going to be a year to remember!!!!
Because TEACHING IS LIFE and I love every crazy second of it, especially when my graduates come back to visit! They make me super proud and beyond happy! Day 1 of Baile auditions = complete and successful! Part 2 on Friday (come see me if you missed Day 1... theres still time!) #svaalumni #bailecafealumni #onceabailekidalwaysabailekid @soundview_academy @bailecafe_sva
It's Baile! Café Baby!!! Auditions: Wed 9/18 and Fri 9/20 from 2:30 to 5pm. Permission slips available in room 402! You MUST have a permission slip to stay after school for auditions! Come check us out!!!
Mis Chicos de Baile!! @bailecafe_sva @dominicanparadeusa #drparade
Chicas de Baile y @liricoenlacasa @dominicanparadeusa 😍😋
Make it a memorable weekend, we definitely will!!! @bailecafe_sva and @explosion_sva will be tearing 6th Avenue up and down at the Dominican Day Parade (Sunday Aug 11th)! History in the making! These kids are so dope!! @dominicanparadeusa @soundview_academy
Hey now!!! We are on an official countdown... 9 days for the DR Parade!!! @bailecafe_sva will be there and will be representing all the way!!!! Thank you @tainomayorbx for ensuring we are always dressed for the occasion!! @dominicanparadeusa
It's been a while!!!! Back with double trouble action! @bailecafe_sva and @explosion_sva... Summer 2019!!!! Dominican Day Parade on Aug 11th along 6th Avenue!!!! All the way a LiTuation!!! 🤗❤🤗❤🤗 @dominicanparadeusa @intheboogiedown @soundview_academy
Another gorgeous day to dance with a purpose! Celebrating community and culture! Just a sneak peak! Performance 1 of 2... Love love LOVE!!!! @fairatthesquare @soundview_academy @bailecafe_sva  #kidzofbaile @intheboogiedown
Sure to be a great Saturday (aka tomorrow) with guaranteed fun, jammin' music, and delicious food options!!! Andddd... #bailecafe #kidzofbaile hitting the stage TWO times!!! Come join us!!! @fairatthesquare @soundview_academy @intheboogiedown
Practice makes perfect!!! Before hitting 5th Ave for @prparadenyc ... #kidzofbaile had a pre-show on 46th Street!! #grind #grit #dancingface
What they do!!! (You'll enjoy it even sideways)... @soundview_academy @prparadenyc @#nprdp @intheboogiedown @nycschools @bailecafe_sva @tainomayorbx
Dear Sunday, we eagerly await your arrival! Steam session! #kidzofbaile #bailecafe #intheboogiedown #prparade @tainomayorbx
Eventful weekend! Round 1 -- #kidzofbaile at the Aspira Middle School Youth Empowerment Conference - Talent Show! @soundview_academy @intheboogiedown @aspiraofnewyork #aspirany
Baile! Partyyyyy... Supporting Community League of the Heights!!! #kidzofbaile danced their hearts out and partied with the people for almost two hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!!!
Find your WHY...Be a LEADER... Be an AGENT OF CHANGE! Ruben Diaz Jr. speaks truth and knowledge to kids of Aspira! @bronxeducation @ruben_diaz_jr @intheboogiedown @soundview_academy #bailecafe #kidzofbaile 💯💯💯