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Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd


I am a Native American artist and I created this Instagram to help show my work and projects I am working on. Facebook Page | ALDuBoiseTheWoods

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I won Best of Show at the Cushing Native Art Fest in Oklahoma!  Had a good few hours seeing everyone for the Cushing Native Art Fest and Pow Wow! Thank you the Native Fest-Cushing, OK for hosting this event and I’m really happy I won Best of Show! One of my Sac and Fox relatives Phillip Manatowa won 2nd in his category. Also thank you Molly Payne and Linda Haven Andre for giving out awards and getting the art show together. It was good to see everyone! And I also want to the film crew for interview me about myself and my artwork and as well as the Native Fest. Very blessed day. It’s a hot one so be sure to drink lots of water! I also ran into my niece Rosemary! Congrats to all the artist that won and all the artwork was amazing. 😇  #cushingok #cushingoklahoma #nativefest2019 #nativeamerican #nativeart #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
Tomorrow I will be at the Native Art Fest in Cushing, OK from 10am-1pm! Looking forward to seeing the wonderful people that put this event on and to see the amazing artwork.  #cushingoklahoma #cushingok #nativefest2019 #oklahoma
So I haven’t mentioned this yet but I will be at the Cherokee Art Market in October! This will be my first year going and I am looking forward to it. This market will be October 12th and 13th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Tulsa, OK area. I trust to have new small pieces finished by that time, so I definitely come and see me! Also the Hard Rock is pretty neat Casino and Hotel with plenty of entertainment and food. Once I get my booth number I will update!  #cherokeeartmarket #cherokeeartmarker2019 #hardrockcasinotulsa #hardrockcasino #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
I will be showing art at the Cushing, Oklahoma Native Fest art show & pow wow September 7th! The art Reception is 11am-12pm, and will be on display from 12pm-6pm while they have the Pow-Wow. I will be there from 10am-1pm to talk about my pieces for those interested. I normally get a booth but because of a event at the museum, the Mabee-Gerrer of Art I won’t be able to. But I will leave my work up there to display until 6pm.  I’m looking forward to it! Check out their event on Facebook or their website at Native-Fest!  #cushingok #cushingoklahoma #nativefest #nativeamerican #nativeart #navajo #sacandfox #prairiebandpotawatomi
Goodbye Santa Fe... Until next time! ❤️
Santa Fe Indian Market is over and it was great! I had a great time and it was much better than last year. I really enjoy my new location better and the foot traffic was great. I sold small originals and plenty of handmade cards.  It sure was tiring and my feet hurt but I really enjoyed visiting with people and to talk to them about my Native art.  Thank you to my family for coming and helping me watch the booth, sell, and loading and unloading the booth. Thanks to my mom for making us breakfast each morning.  When I go to the market it becomes a family event!  Also it was great to see all the other artists and see friends from all around. Congrats to those that won ribbons and congrats to those that sold well at the market! I really enjoyed this year, and I trust I will be here next year.  Until next time Santa Fe, my favorite place in the world!  Your Local Native Oklahoma Artist!  Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd  Instagram | aldthewoods (I didn’t get many pictures today for myself, but I did with other artists!) @theresabaskets  #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019 #potawatomi #navajo #sacandfox #oklahomaartist #santafe #santafenewmexico
Had a wonderful day at the Santa Fe Indian Market today and ran into friends and my family from Arizona came to see me and my family from Oklahoma. I made some good sales today and I love my booth location way better than last year. The foot traffic was good today and I enjoyed talking to people. It was great to see other artists and thank you to friends that came by to say hi!  I’ll be there tomorrow for the SWAIA market from 8am-5pm!  Had a great day today seeing friends and family at SWAIA! Thank you to those of you that came out to say hi, and swing by my booth. Thanks to my family for being their to support me and my artwork! It was good to catch up!  @tristen_wagner05 @theatrain571 @_soviet_tornado_  @tosatwoheart @alesia.the.woods @bmonedas  #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019 #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #oklahoma
Having a great day so far at SWAIA! Come see me today at booth 801 on Marcy St in Santa Fe!  #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019
My mom picked us up a couple of copies of the Santa Fe Indian Market guide and if you read this article you will read some comments I made on Native Women in the Arts and about the Missing and Murder Indigenous Women. The article is written by America Meredith a writer for the First American Art Magazine.  You can read the article better on my Facebook page at Amber L. DuBosie-Shepherd Art!  Also I found my name on the list of artist for SWAIA! Thank you to those that have been tagging me for this article!  #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019 #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #santafenewmexico #oklahoma #oklabomaartist
Some videos of our hike at the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument!  #kashakatuwe #tentrocksnationalmonument #newmexico #santafe
My hubby and I went tot he Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Park and it was a neat experience yesterday! Some of of our favorite pictures. It’s not and easy hike either so you have to have good foot work and balance. But we made it to the top of the Mesa and the view was gorgeous. I’ll post some videos!  #kashaketuwe #tentrocksnationalmonument #newmexico #santafe
Standing in line getting ready to submit my pieces to the @santafeindianmarket SWAIA - Santa Fe Indian Market competition. The weather is perfect 👌🏽! Thank you to owner Donna Massey @Suitable For Framing in Shawnee, OK for getting these all framed for me! They look sharp and ready for the competition. After this my hubby and I need some food 🥘 and adult drinks 🍷🍺 !  #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019 #swaia #santafe #santafenm #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #oklahoma #oklahomaartist
"All My Relations, Pyêchiwîthenino! (Come and Eat)" Mixed Media of Pen & Ink, Watercolors, Copic Markers July 2019  Finished this new piece last month, and it was a challenge. It represents a Sac and Fox Indian House where they are getting ready for a Ceremonial Feast. I enjoy working on the little details and adding the variety of animals and people throughout the piece. It’s a large piece as well and was a challenge to get all what I needed into this piece. Our Sac and Fox people down here in Oklahoma have a Spring and Fall feast to welcome in summer and winter. For those that don't know I am wolf clan for my Sac and Fox tribe. In the smoke I tried to represent many of the clans. There are others I was not able to like Snow, Peace, and War clans. I learned in a language class that we had different ocean clans far back. Maybe our relatives up north have these clans.  #sacandfox #potawatomi #navajo #santafeindianmarket #santafenewmexico #oklahoma #oklahomaartist #nativeamerican #nativeart #wolfclan #mixedmedia #watercolor #penandink #copicmarkers
“Potawatomi Blue Bird” Oil Paints on Canvas  6 x 6  Aug. 2019 SOLD  Last piece before Santa Fe Indian Market! I had some other small ones I wanted to finish but I have some other markets and shows coming up for the other small ones I started.  Come visit me in Santa Fe, New Mexico August 17 & 18 Booth # MAR 801 Marcy Street! This piece could be yours... #bluebird #potawatomi #santafeindianmarket #santafeindianmarket2019 #oilpainting #oilpaints #navajo #sacandfox #oklahoma #oklahomaartist #santafe #santafenewmexico #nativeamerican #nativeart
“I saw a turtle with the red and yellow shell” July 2019 Oil Paints on Canvas 4 x 4  I have another small one finished this morning. A turtle 🐢! It’s a 4 x 4 inch deep oil painting 🖼. It was actually hard to paint this turtle. A learning experience for sure.  #turtle #turtles #oilpainting #potawatomi #navajo #sacanfox #oilpaints
“Mrs. Red Bird” July 2019 Oil Paints on Canvas 4 x 4 SOLD  Finished this one yesterday! I really enjoy creating Mrs. Red Bird. I started some new 6x6 as well.  #sacandfox #potawatomi #navajo #redbird #mrsredbird #femaleredbird #oilpainting #oilpaints
“Navajo Lady with the Deep Gold Blouse” July 2019 Oil Paints on Canvas 4 x 4 SOLD  Finished this yesterday. Playing with colors. Also started some small 6 x 6 paintings.  #navajo #navajolady #turquoise #navajoturquoise #sacandfox #potawatomi #oilpainting #oilpaints
I just finished these over the weekend. They are two small 4 x 4 1 inch deep small canvases. They were fun little small oil paintings to create! You can see I’m playing with colors. “OK Scissor Tailed Flycatcher” 4 x 4 Oil Paints on Canvas  July 2019 For Sale “Navajo Yei with the Yellow Feathers”  4 x 4  Oil Paints on Canvas July 2019 For Sale  #oklahoma #scissortailedflycatcher #oklahomabird #navajo #navajoyei #oilpainting #sacandfox #potawatomi